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We hope you’ll join us next year for this very unique and special event to benefit Monterey Zoo and EARS. Be sure to check back for information on our 2017 date and event.

We’ll be posting photos soon of our 2016 event.

 It is with great appreciation we thank our returning event sponsors for 2016.

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With the help of our traditional master or ceremonies, Jim Vanderzwaan, the music of the Joe Sharino Band and of course our generous guests and donors, this year’s event was one of the best ever for the elephants and animals of EARS and Monterey Zoo.

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Special thanks to our photographer and special friend to EARS, Kelli Uldall, for most of the photos below.

Entire Roon

A bright and colorful decor was only made more colorful by...

Ceiling Treatment

... filling it with the awesome people who came to support our efforts...

EARS 2015_1146

The heartbeat of our event, our volunteers and staff.

...There might be some Master of Ceremonies who come close to doing a incredible a job as Jim Vanderzwaan does for us but none look better doing it!!! ...

EARS 2015_1225
EARS 2015_1126

There’s just NEVER a shortage of beautiful ladies at our event!!!

EARS 2015_1083

What’s a Rio party with a Samba band...

EARS 2015_1094
EARS Charlie and danc#74C54
EARS 2015_1056

... and what’s a Samba band without Samba Dancers??? We had it covered!

EARS 2015_1096

It just wouldn’t be and EARS event without an elephant in the room.

EARS 2015_1137
EARS 2015_1135

Our honorees this evening, special people who do special things for our animals.

EARS 2015_1163

The best part of our event is watching so many enjoy the work and dedication our volunteers put into it.

EARS 2015_1184
EARS 2015_1185

The people make the party!

EARS 2015_1259
EARS 2015_1171

Carla, our auctioneer is far more than just an auctioneer to us, she’s family!

EARS 2015_1205
EARS 2015_1198
EARS 2015_1226
EARS 2015_1235 EARS 2015_1186
EARS 2015_1265 EARS 2015_1252
EARS 2015_1268

”Ya dance with the one that brought ya”, and Charlie brought “Doc”.

EARS 2015_1284

And once again, Joe Sharino and Band kept the party rocking to the end as only he can do.

Click here to see photos from past years events, all the way from the beginning. Be sure to check back for information on our next event, you wont want to miss it!

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